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Chardonnay white wine vinegar

Type Hype

/ 500 ml

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Type Hype

Chardonnay white wine vinegar

  • mild and delicate
  • perfect for marinades
  • suitable as an aperitif
  • from Spain
  • aus Granada/Spanien

Numerous ancient civilisations, including the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks, produced vinegar during their time. Back in the day, vinegar was produced using fermented fruit juice, wine and beer. It was a popular drink when mixed with water. High-quality vinegar has a particularly delicate flavour. It is also a popular aperitif drink due to its appetising and easily digestible qualities. The quality and the production process of the vinegar are crucial factors. We have discovered a small company which produces top-class vinegar.

From Spain to your own kitchen

The Spanish city of Grenada is where time-honoured traditions and modern production methods meet. Numerous awards confirm the quality of the products. This mild and aromatic white wine vinegar is versatile in the kitchen: Use the vinegar to refine and delicately flavour marinades, dressings and aperitif drinks. An excellent product from Spain and an essential part of the TYPE HYPE range, this product will make you see vinegar in a whole new light.

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