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Type Hype

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Hurenkind coffee
Mixed ground coffee
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  • 100 % Arabica-Bohnen
  • unground
  • for perfect espresso and cappuccino
  • roasted in Berlin
250 g whole coffee beans „Gemischter Satz“
It's all about selection. Whether in typography or when blending coffee, different effects can be achieved with different combinations and styles. The 100% Arabica beans in this wonderful earthy, powerful and spicy blend are produced using a combination of beans from India, Brazil and Sumatra, which are stored south of Bombay and exposed to the moisture of the monsoon while being carefully turned. The result is a mixed ground coffee that combines well with milk to create the perfect cappuccino: It's all in the blend.

250 g whole coffee beans „Hurenkind“
The name alone is on everybody's lips for a good reason: "Hurenkind" (literally "whore's child", in English called "widow") is a term used in typography and describes the last line of a paragraph if it appears in the first line of a new page. This is considered to be a fatal error in typesetting, but is intentional when it comes to this coffee blend of 100% Arabica beans: an unconventional typographical arrangement created from the best green coffee beans, roasted in Berlin using the Trieste method until the cell structure of the bean breaks down without oils being released. The result: a perfect espresso, semisweet with a hint of caramel, with a dark roasted flavour and low acidity, which turns madness into method. The perfect ground coffee for a little bit of indulgence.

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