Cup, Bowl and Plate DIN A-Z-31

Cup, Bowl & Plate DIN A-Z

DIN Berlin
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DIN Berlin

Cup, Bowl & Plate DIN A-Z

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  • with 24 carat gold leaf
  • fine porcelain from Thüringen
  • traditionally manufactured
  • Spülmaschinengeeignet

Did you know that, in ancient Egypt, cups were a symbol for nutrition, body and soul? The significance of the cup dates back a long time and can be interpreted in many ways. At TYPE HYPE, we looked at the cup through our designers' glasses and have given the drinking vessel a whole new symbolic meaning, namely that of our favourite capital! The clearly structured letters of the DIN font lend the cups an individual touch.

A bowl is generally easy to describe: deeper than a plate, flatter than a vase. This is the simplest definition. However, the significance of a bowl goes much further: Fruit bowls, jewellery bowls, flower bowls, scale bowls and sacrificial bowls are just a few examples. We add the designer bowl from the TYPE HYPE DIN Berlin range to this portfolio of bowls. The bowl features the proud letters of the DIN font and measures 17 cm in diameter. We hope that you add your own individual meaning to our bowl and perhaps even associate a story with it.

DIN Berlin is an homage to the revolutionary and world-acclaimed DIN font. To date, no other font has managed to beat the popularity of DIN letters. It is particularly impressive that this is a simple, timeless yet striking design. We have adopted these features for our DIN Berlin design line and applied them to everyday objects like our plates. With its colours of black, white and gold (24 carat gold), the design of our range is perfectly discrete. At the same time, it successfully conveys a sense of focus and aesthetics. It radiates calm, allowing you to focus on enjoying food or decorating your home.

DIN BerlinClean lines, no compromises.

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DIN Berlin


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