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Flor de Sal

Type Hype

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Type Hype

Flor de Sal

  • 100% pure sea salt
  • harvested by hand
  • from a small Portuguese salt works
  • 100 g im Glas

Enjoy slow food rather than consuming cheap food! The flower of the sea - gourmets consider the fine table salt "Flor de Sal" a particularly valuable and rare sea salt. It only forms on very hot days when there is no wind on the sea coast and has been harvested by hand for centuries. It is an indispensable part of the menu in many Michelin star restaurants around the world. Add a little piece of haute cuisine to your dining table with this excellent salt. Flor de Sal from the TYPE HYPE line is both mild and powerful, with a long-lasting, pleasant taste. Serve with grilled meat, fish or raw vegetables - Flor de Sal from TYPE HYPE makes every meal a culinary delight.

Cooking with attention to detail

The delicate Flor de Sal is too good for a spice mill or boiling pasta. This product should be added to food by hand and only used for seasoning and carefully adding salt at the table. This award-winning and certified Flor de Sal comes from a protected natural park on the Portuguese Algarve coast and is free from all chemical additives. Flor de Sal should never be stored in plastic or metal containers and is therefore supplied in a premium 100 gram jar with a clip seal. This preserves the natural moisture and special flavour of this unique salt.

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