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Four for taste

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Type Hype

Four for taste

  • Extra virgin olive oil, 500 ml
  • Flor de Sal, 100 g
  • Tapenade noire, 130 g
  • Date balsamic cream, 200 ml

Extra virgin olive oil TYPE HYPE, 500 ml
Olive oil comes in a wide variety of flavours, making it very popular and versatile in the kitchen. There's hardly a Mediterranean dish which doesn't use olive oil. Olive oil is produced from both black and green olives. Their flavour goes well with salads, vegetables, fish and meat. Not only do they have a delicious taste - they also have health benefits. For these reasons, olive oil is also known as "liquid gold" and has long taken its rightful place, even in our domestic kitchens. We have discovered an oil which we strongly recommend.

Date balsamic cream, 200 ml
Dates are known as "the bread of the desert" in the Middle East, because this versatile fruit contains a huge number of minerals, vitamins and fibre. Even a handful of dates provides a nutritious and delicious meal. Thanks to their extremely high potassium, magnesium and tryptophan content, they even help to prevent insomnia, poor concentration and high blood pressure. Dates are an alkaline, low-calorie yet sweet miracle fruit. We at TYPE HYPE have a very special date recipe in store for all slow food fans.

Tapenade noire, 130 g
The word tapenade alone makes our mouths water. Only the best ingredients are used for this delicious creation: The basic ingredients of olives, lemons, garlic and thyme, coupled with sea salt and black pepper, come together in an olive paste that tastes like pure holidays. Tapenade is an integral part of Mediterranean cuisine. In addition to the high-quality ingredients of the paste, connoisseurs will also appreciate the attention to detail and careful processing that go into the products.

Flor de Sal, 100 g
Enjoy slow food rather than consuming cheap food! The flower of the sea - gourmets consider the fine table salt "Flor de Sal" a particularly valuable and rare sea salt. It only forms on very hot days when there is no wind on the sea coast and has been harvested by hand for centuries. It is an indispensable part of the menu in many Michelin star restaurants around the world. Add a little piece of haute cuisine to your dining table with this excellent salt. Flor de Sal from the TYPE HYPE line is both mild and powerful, with a long-lasting, pleasant taste. Serve with grilled meat, fish or raw vegetables - Flor de Sal from TYPE HYPE makes every meal a culinary delight.

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