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Hutzel pear schnapps

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/ 700 ml

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Type Hype

Hutzel pear schnapps

  • filling quantity: 0,7 l
  • country: Germany, region: Württemberg
  • alc. 43 % Vol.
  • old variety of pear
  • from meadows with scattered fruit trees

Nobody can say no to a good drop ... or two ... or three! But please be warned: Even high-spirited gourmets will find it difficult to resist this pear brandy! Year after year, the distillery in Füßbach, Baden-Württemberg fills its limited-edition bottles with pure magic. The flavours are real, honest and purely natural as this brandy contains no sugar or added flavours. Instead, you can actually taste the manufacturer's attention to detail in his product. Connoisseurs will notice immediately that this distillery knows how to compose a brandy and how to gain loyal customers!

Slow food as a drink - fill your glass with a regional speciality

Metaphorically speaking, Klaus Käppler personally knows every pear that goes into his brandy. His approach to making a good brandy is as simple as it is rare these days: using the best locally-harvested fruit, doing a good job, being eager to experiment and having enough patience. And while this master of the pot still is not giving away any secrets, we do suspect that there is also a little bit of magic involved in making his pear brandies. But fair enough... where would the world be without secrets ... With so much passion in a 0.7 litre bottle, we are happy to say "Cheers!" over and over again.

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