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It's a boy - it's a girl

Type Hype
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Type Hype

It's a boy - it's a girl

Incl. 7% Tax

Delivery time: 2-3 days*

  • hardcover
  • a name is a career!
  • 300 pages, 290 images
  • by TYPE HYPE founder Kirsten Dietz
  • in Englisch
  • 21,9 x 17,4 x 3,4 cm

It can be difficult to find the right name for a new arrival: short or long, classic or exotic? It might be worth consulting a book of names at such times. Many different girls' and boys' names, from A to Z, are listed in such guides - a long list of names to work through. Most baby name books are not exactly known for their creative design. But that's not always the case. TYPE HYPE co-founder, designer and photographer Kirsten Dietz has documented corporate buildings and shop fronts in the USA, Europe and Asia which bear the names of their owners: car dealerships, hairdressers and flower shops - you name it. A perfect decision-making aid for expectant and new parents: A name is a career! For boys from Albert to Yusuf and for
girls from Açelya to Yvonne. Nearly 300 photos from Europe, Asia and the USA. From car dealerships, hairdressers, corner bars and supermarkets to flower shops and laundrettes - everything's included. The book is designed as flip-over book: one half contains all boys' names, the other half the girls' names. Awarded the "Award of Typographic Excellence" from the Type Directors Club of New York and the "iF Design Award".

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