Notebook, booklet Mitte B/W A5 and A6 Alphabet-31

Notebook, booklet Mitte B/W A5 & A6 Alphabet

Made in Mitte B/W
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Made in Mitte B/W

Notebook, booklet Mitte B/W A5 & A6 Alphabet

Available in 26 motives - pick yours:
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  • Notebook Made in Mitte B/W from A - Z / 21 x 27 cm / 160 pages
  • Booklet DIN A5 Made in Mitte B/W from A - Z / 148 x 210 mm / 52 pages
  • Booklet DIN A6 Made in Mitte B/W von A - Z / 105 x 148 mm / 48 pages

Notebook Made in Mitte B/W
160 pages blank paper / 210 x 270 mm / letter stickers with relief lacquer and serrated press cut edges
We only use top-quality paper (21 x 27 cm), produced near Gmund am Tegernsee since 1829, for our notebooks. The notebooks from our MADE IN MITTE line are available in 26 designs and with the digits from 0 to 9 as well as the special character "&". Stickers with serrated press cut edges present the letters finished with relief lacquer on the hardcover. Illustrated front endpapers will encourage your colourful note-taking and provide inspiration for self-reflection and writing.

Booklet DIN A5 Made in Mitte B/W
52 pages blank paper / 148 x 210 mm / designed front and back endpapers
The handmade notebook is there to inspire you to be creative with your own impressions. Whether you're out and about in the centre of Berlin or in the greater Berlin region - your thoughts will be put to a challenge. Whether your thoughts are related to art, history or life in general - these notebooks are perfect for putting down your considerations in writing. Do you ever find yourself sitting at a desk and looking for an original approach? Just open up your TYPE HYPE notebook!

Booklet DIN A6 Made in Mitte B/W
48 pages blank paper / 105 x 148 mm / designed front and back endpapers
We have a passion for typography, which is why the 26 letters of the alphabet have been used as the "main theme" of our A6 notebooks from our Made in Mitte B/W design line. They are decorated with unconventional, spontaneous expressions of artistic skill and free, abstract representations of artistic creativity. The natural paper is sourced from the traditional Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund am Tegernsee. Our 105 x 148 mm notebooks have 44 blank pages (90 g/sqm) and offer plenty of space for your own associative approach to reality which only marginally respects the rules of proportion and perspective.

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