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Orange blossom jelly

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Type Hype

Orange blossom jelly

  • made from organic oranges
  • without preservatives

Orange blossom truly delights all senses: Its exquisite neroli oil is used as a fragrance in many perfumes, while aromatic orange blossom water adds a subtle flavour to many light meals. The absolute obtained from the blossom, on the other hand, is known as a stimulating aphrodisiac. The fragrance and aroma of orange blossom lift your mood and relax your senses. A sensual culinary experience to delight your palate is now also available at TYPE HYPE.

Upgrade your breakfast

An indispensable item on French breakfast tables, which is now also available for you to enjoy in your own home: our signature orange blossom jelly. At TYPE HYPE, we enjoy slow food without additives. Nothing but organic orange juice, orange blossom water, lemon juice, sugar and pectin goes into our jelly. The jelly contains no artificial antioxidants or preservatives. It is sold in a 200 gram jar with screw cap. Once opened, keep the jelly in the fridge. To protect the unique flavour, connoisseurs would never stir jelly and only use clean spoons when taking it out of the jar. Don't be surprised if the jelly crystallises after a while - this shows you that you're dealing with an organic product. The orange blossom jelly is still fine to eat. Eat like the kings of France and take this bitter-sweet treasure home with you. The jelly is unbeatable as a spread or as a "secret" ingredient in your favourite recipes on a hot summer's day.

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