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Williams pear and lavender jelly

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Type Hype

Williams pear and lavender jelly

  • made from Williams pear juice
  • with lavender blossom
  • without preservatives

Sweet and flowery - our Williams pear and lavender jelly is the perfect accompaniment to your breakfast or a delicious teatime treat with waffles and vanilla ice cream. A beautifully decorated table with sweet treats is the most seductive invitation we can imagine. Special additions like Williams pear and lavender jelly give such a table the perfect finishing touch. The combination of sweet pear fruit and fragrant lavender creates an extraordinarily sophisticated flavour. This gem is the result of attention to detail and has been carefully made by hand.

The slow food concept

Our Williams pear and lavender jelly is slow food at its best, because you can genuinely let this delicacy melt in your mouth. It preserves centuries of European culinary traditions. The French King Louis XI is said to have grown this famous pear variety in his gardens using seeds from Calabria as early as in the 15th century. The lavender is sourced from fields in the Provence region of France to add a gourmet touch to this jar of jelly. All ingredients are completely plant-based and natural: Williams pear juice, sugar, lemon juice and lavender. Even the pectin used for making the jelly is derived from fruits and contains no preservatives. And, of course, we use no antioxidants either.

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